FolkWoman Publishing Projects

    Flagship Publication: Rabble Rouser

    Ongoing Publishing: local authors & multi-media artists. Collaborations and projects from Indigenous, disadvantaged, disabled, differently-abled, neurodiverse, or just general creative folk, are welcome.

    Rabble Rouser is a magazine for the community using story telling to draw people together. RR is about helping people who feel like Rabble in their own communities tell their stories to people who help build this community every day. This multi-media publication won't be about products or merchandise. It is a publication that will slowly transition:

     Phase 1 -

    Online platform of local content, contributors, authors, photographers and other makers. Organizing & creating a regular routine and schedule of content delivery. May be necessary to meet in person.

      • Amanda Ramsay, as Publisher, is available to professionally assist collaborators and contributors. How? Through mentoring. Through business & content workshops. through collaborating with other RabbleWhoRouse to build a collaborator's own branding, copy and editorial calendar. Even just sitting beside you sometimes when we need it comes with membership in this inclusive group.


    Phase 2 - Rabble Rouser, A Community Magazine

    A quality Print Magazine that is advertising-FREE:

      • Kitselas Nation would have a full page for community bulletins and information. FREE!
      • Kitsumkalum Nation would have a full page for community bulletins and information. FREE!
      • Coast Mountains School District #82 would have a full page for community bulletins and information. FREE!
      • I would welcome a half-page intro from the communications department from the City of Terrace for community announcements and operational information such as: disposal days, City events, and legal announcements. 

    Phase 3 - Rabble Boxes

    International subscription box(es) representing our area. Featuring products and items made by local artists, collaborators and partners of Rabble Rouser: Rabble Who Rouse.

      • Rabble Rouser, as a collective, would help local artists and makers build a community subscription box and manage the labour and creative tasks among a group of remarkable artists. 
      • FolkWoman Enterprises hopes to build a community who want to empower and mentor each other, find support, and find help doing tasks (like branding or marketing) as part of their collective commitment to each other.
    Rabble Rouser will be fully cooperative by it's fifth year. 




    FolkWoman Enterprises' Projects

      Folk Living

      Status: Currently in Research & Development

      Description: a project that will use restorative justice models, nurturance models and a multi-disciplinary and "community" approach to creating new cultural modalities around personal & social responsibility from a secular-ethical but multi-cultural & multi-disciplined inclusion-based approach.


      Forest Folk & Guardian Folk

      Status: Currently in Development & Writing

      Description: a two-pronged approach to building autonomous learners and leaders through open-source and discovery-based learning of survival and bush-craft skills. Open to all, it will deliver multi-level curriculum through the participation of all ages and skill levels and empower youth to build relationships with people of all ages, as adults learn to build fires next to youth, or as youth teach adults their own skills.