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Extension!!! & Giveaway Item #3: Completely Vegan Bacon Socks

Bacon Socks. Click to read more. Or, do you want to know?

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What will you become today?

I'm focusing on helping where I can and ensuring I take responsibility for my own accomplishments & efforts this year. I was always happy supporting others' visions because I failed to see the value in my own vision(s).  These days I am far more confidant than I used to be because I know what I am capable of. The only reason people fear for me is because they really don't see the depth to which I ponder or consider. 

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Rouse You Rabble: Let Us Build

If we can vote for our favourite competitor on The Voice with our mobile phones then why can we not as easily vote on individual pieces of legislation through a citizen's portal? (That's my own name for it, but someone cooler than me will have a better name.)

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